Christmas in Bullerbü
by Astrid Lindgren

The world-famous author of children's books tells in a funny style about life in a village in her home country Sweden and about the children's anticipation of Christmas.

There are cookies baked, presents packed, Christmas songs sung, wood has to be fetched from the shed and the Christmas tree is decorated. You can watch a ride on the sleigh through a snow-covered winter landscape to a Christmas mass and you can see the children skiing near the frozen pond. When it is cold outside, the children meet in the warm parlour to play blind man's bluff until Christmas is finally there.

Indoor scenes with movable figures in a typical Swedish wooden house. Dimensions:
Width: 160 cm,
hight: 180 cm, depth: 90 cm.

Outdoor landscape scenes with movable figures. Dimensions:
Width: 180 cm, hight: 200 cm, depth: 140 cm.

Every cottage and landscape scene can easily be put together with a continuous landscape background in order to get one big winter landscape.