The Wizard of Oz

This world-famous American fairy tale is staged in a way that a whole building can be enchanted both indoor and outdoor.

A spectacular storefront decoration with 9 m high fairy tale characters shows the fantastic Emerald City and the Red Fairy Glinda.

The story is continued in six deco-islands with life-size figures for shop windows or sales rooms. They show the encounter of little Dorothy with the Plate Man, the Straw Man, the North Witch and the Lion as well as the fantastic Porcelain City and the big Wizard Oz in a balloon.

Attracted by the glamourous store front decoration, the viewer has the possibility to stroll through the whole house on the legendary "Yellow Lane" and to witness all the adventures of little Dorothy.

It is possible to adapt the scenes to your localities (shop window or sales room). Thus the story can completely be adapted to a particular house.

The costs for delivery and assembly are charged by our effort.