"The Bird of Wishes" is a fairy tale for both children and adults which deals with wishing. It is a story about small and really big wishes..

Accompanied by the song of the Bird of Wishes and by pictures full of imagination and poesy.

The Bird of Wishes

Lisa cannot sleep at night and is therefore counting her wishes…Suddenly there turns up a wondrous bird at her window and says:
"I can make come true one single wish for you, so think hard which one you want to take."

"But I have so many wishes", Lisa answers.

The Bird of Wishes explains to her that it has to be a really special wish, the most beautiful wish that she can imagine.

In order to find this wish, Lisa flies to the Golden City with him. During their journey they traverse the Magic Forest and the Empire of the Water Sprite. They meet dancing fairies and clever dwarfs, and wherever they rest, Lisa could ask the bird to make a wish come true for her...

The richest and mightiest king of all times finds out about the arrival of the Bird of Wishes - perhaps the last of his species, because all the others have already been captured by his order. With a lot of coaxing, he tries to persuade Lisa to tell him about the whereabouts of the bird.

But the child is clever and finds the solution: the most beautiful of all wishes is to free all the captured birds who are now able to help the whole world with their magic again.

8 show cases with the following dimensions:
width 170 cm, hight 140 cm, depth 62 cm,
with a golden shimmering picture frame as casing.

We have exclusively prepared a nice picture book corresponding to the story. We offer you the possibility to have your logo printed on the inner side of the book.