An elves fairy tale

In the fairyland of the creatures of the twilight and the night

An enchanting story that deals with a human being's encounters with the elves:

"I remember like it had only been today… The night was clear, the full moon was shining, the sky was full of stars, a soft breeze was whispering through the trees and bushes...

...In this night I had a dream, a dream so beautiful and lovely that I cannot forget it. I saw me standing in a forest. As I had been wandering a long time I was a little tired and I sat down on a tree trunk to rest. Suddenly, out of nothing, I saw a little golden ball hovering towards me. I realised that it was a tiny, winged creature, and it said to me in the softest of all voices: "Oh, I'm so tired and my wings need a little rest to recover. May I sit down on your hand just for a moment?..."

The story is told in six charming forest scenes which will remind you of Art Nouveau pictures. The fairy tale takes us to the garden and forest fairies, to the pond, to the canyon and finally to the mighty Queen of the Elves. The figures are of course animated and the scenes are illuminated romantically.

Dimensions of the scenes:
Hight 170 cm, width 170 cm, depth 60 cm
plus background.

We offer you a little individual picture book to the story. Dimensions: 21 x 21 cm, with beautiful coloured illustrations by the artist Birgit Brendel.

There is only one question left:

Is all this real or just an illusion?